15 Potential Plot Twists That Could Ruin Upcoming Movies

I am your father...for some reason.

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When done right, a pivotal plot twist can help elevate a movie from good to great, or even great to legendary. A powerful reveal can entirely reshape a movie and make multiple viewings a necessity, or at the very least harness some jolting shock value.

Sadly, cinema is littered with movies that dared to field out ballsy rug-pulls which didn't quite convince audiences, the prevailing response often being a mixture of laughter and disbelief.

For every Arrival, which successfully pulled off a mind-blowing final twist, there's a "Colin Farrell was really Johnny Depp the whole time" reveal.

Though some of these surprises could work with the right execution, hopefully most of these movies won't go anywhere near big reveals that are potentially this dumb, lazy and outright laughable.


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