15 Predictions For 2014 Movies Everybody Got Wrong

You thought you had these movies figured out...but you didn't.

Just like every year in cinema, things rarely go totally according to plan, and by the end of the year, the complexion is usually pretty different from what you expected 12 months earlier. A year ago, everyone had firmly-regimented expectations about how these movies would perform, and now that each film has been out in the wild for some time, it's clear that expectations most often count for nothing. Apparent masterpieces merely had to settle for silver, people you thought would ruin upcoming movies actually didn't, seemingly needless spin-offs and sequels actually made themselves feel relevant, and some sure fire Oscar bait didn't even make it to the precursor stage. These 15 movies looked like they would be predictably awesome or expectantly terrible, but in most cases, either the opposite was true or they simply gravitated towards a more reasonable middle-ground of decency. In many ways these movies, whether good, bad or simply disappointing, are a testament to the fun and surprise of being a film fan, of sitting down to watch a film with a rigid expectation of its quality, only to be completely surprised. Looking at 2015's gigantic film slate, predictions have already been running rampant, and no doubt in another 12 months from now, everyone will be laughing at how off-base their original guesses were. Here are 15 predictions for 2014 movies everyone got wrong...

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