15 Reasons Hot Fuzz Is Greatest British Comedy Of All Time

15. Romeo + Juliet

See Video HERE A brilliant homage to every TERRIBLE village production that everyone has had to sit through at some point in their lives; this already funny scene is made funnier by Simon Pegg€™s reaction and the spontaneous rendition of Lovefool. Watch the clip from 5.09 What do you guys think? What€™s your favourite British film of all time? Voting for this year€™s round of inductees for the British Film Registry is now open. You can nominate you€™re maximum of five picks by filling out the form below. Guidelines for Voting; Much like the NFR, our Registry will be open to anything you might care to vote for. It doesn€™t even necessarily have to be a feature film; it could be a documentary, a short, an experimental art piece or even a newsreel. The only solid criteria is that the piece must be 5 years old or older. As for "What is a British film?" - We think it can be whatever you deem that to be, whether it is funded in Britain, made in, for or to benefit the British public in some way and of course, be of cultural, historical or aesthetic value to Britain. We won't be the ones to decide what exactly is a British film... your public voting will be. You must leave an email address in the form for your vote to register. Over the coming months the What Culture team will also be discussing what they consider to be worthy considers and some you might have missed in order to hopefully get your memories going.
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