15 Reasons Tim Burton’s Batman Is Better Than Chris Nolan’s The Dark Knight

12. The Batcave

An integral Batman element missing from the Nolan films is a proper Batcave. Bruce Wayne has Wayne manor and Batman has the Batcave. But in Batman Begins it's unfurnished and not used, in TDK it is a brightly lit warehouse because the real one is being ''rebuilt'' and in TDKR we get a Batcave that Batman never uses and he retires by the end anyway so what was the point? Batman is different from other superheros, he doesn't have superpowers or super strength, his ''powers'' come from his intelligence, his gadgets and his detective skills and the Batcave is where he does all his detective work in peace. Also, it has to actually look like a cave so before anyone says it, a brightly lit warehouse is no substitute, even in the name of realism. Tim Burton got the look right and Batman actually made use of it, most notably to find the formula for Joker's SmileX.

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