15 Scariest Stephen King Movie Moments

15. Slashing - Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary
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There's just something about hellish kids that adds a whole other level of scariness to movies, as the occasionally very creepy Pet Sematary proves - terrible spelling aside. Sadly, the film itself is not great and feels even worse now that it's so dated, but it's perfect in the way it shows the possession of the undead infant Gage Creed.

After being squashed by a truck outside his home, he's taken to a mystical cemetery to be revived but comes back wrong and seems to be evil incarnate, which neighbour Jud Crandall finds in rather shocking fashion. When he decides to kill Gage again, the little devil torments him, before going fully off-the-chart evil, slashing his Achilles tendon (in one of the most uncomfortable scenes in horror movie history), his mouth and then biting his throat out.

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