15 Scariest Stephen King Movie Moments

14. The !*$%-Roaches - Creepshow

creepshow Cockroaches
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There's a good reason people are scared of creepy crawlies (and why they're even called that in the first place): they're small and horrible and you can imagine them getting under your skin - literally. They inspire a sort of primal fear that has led to the countless horror movies centred on spiders, bugs and beetles over the years.

One of the most notorious scenes in that particular catalogue comes in the excellent and under-rated Creepshow, which definitely sits in the top ten of Stephen King adaptations, as the climax of the "They're Creeping Up on You" segment. It's all about the creeping panic of being overcome by an inescapable fear, as well as the awful lingering penetration fear that underpins so much Body Shock Horror.

And that vomit of cockroaches out of his corpse at the end is just harrowing...

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