15 Sexiest Movies Of 2017

2. L’Amant Double

Mandarin Films

As its title suggests, François Ozon’s L’Amant Double is a French film and you know what that means – sexy French people having lost of sexy French sex. Marine Vacth stars as Chloe, a young former model who’s convinced her chronic stomach pains are psychosomatic and visits therapist Paul (Jérémie Renier) to get to the root of the problem only to strike up a relationship with him.

She soon founds out Paul is hiding something from her in the form of secret identical twin brother who also practices psychiatry and with whom she also strikes up a sexual relationship, albeit a racier more ferocious one than she has with Paul.

Now, we’re pretty sure diddling your patient goes against every Hippocratic oath guideline but if the characters in L’Amant Double abided by moral codes of conduct it wouldn’t be on this list. Predictably, it’s a graphic film from the get-go beginning with a close-up shot of Vacth’s vagina as she undergoes a gynaecological exam and later featuring pegging and a twincest threesome.

Oh, France! What are you like?


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