15 Sexiest Movies Of 2017

14. Lady Macbeth

Altitude Film Distribution

If the very thought of Shakespeare has your libido waning, fear not. William Oldroyd’s feature debut isn’t based on The Bard’s work but a novella by Russian writer Nikolai Leskov though like its Shakespearean namesake it involves a power-hungry lady, sex and bloody murder.

Set in the wilds of Victorian era Northumberland, Lady Macbeth stars Florence Pugh as a young woman named Katherine trapped in a loveless marriage to an abrasive older man and barely allowed to leave the rural estate they reside on with her equally mean father-in-law.

As you can imagine, Katherine’s is quite a mundane existence so naturally she starts up a steamy affair with one of the hired help – Sebastian, played by Cosmo Jarvis – when her husband and father-in-law are away on business. Cue lots of lusty love scenes between Pugh and Jarvis replete with heavy breathing and bodice ripping. Oh, and horse murder too but that’s not sexy at all.


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