15 Sexiest Movies Of 2017

12. The Misandrists


Title aside, at first glance The Misandrists with its school for wayward girls dressed in impossibly skimpy uniforms might seem like the basis for a Carry On film. But this is cult Canadian director Bruce LaBruce – father of queercore – so if you’re expecting him to pander to heterosexual male fantasies, you’re in for a surprise.

You see, the school is a cover for a separatist Sapphic terrorist cell hellbent on toppling the patriarchy via the dissemination of propagandistic homemade lesbian pornography. If that still sounds like a male masturbation fest, wait until you see what they do to the male radical they’re holding captive in their basement. Hint: it’s a very transformative surgery and they don’t use any anaesthetic.

Like other LaBruce films before it, The Misandrists is a satire of radical politics and sexually very graphic and we can pretty much guarantee it’s the only film in which you’ll see hard-boiled eggs served in such an innovative way this year.


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