15 Stunning Facts About 2018’s Biggest Movies

Infinity War's budget was the GDP of a small country.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos
Marvel Studios

Whether or not you think that 2018 was a banner year for the film industry, it was a 12 months undeniably jam-packed with almost unfathomably huge blockbuster movies, most of which thankfully lived up to the hype.

But because nothing good (or bad, really) is ever made without adversity, the year's biggest films certainly have their share of mind-boggling production stories and tidbits to go around.

From actors suffering immensely for their art, to stonking budgets, near-miss casting picks, the ludicrous number of VFX shots required for the year's most CGI-soaked film and every mind-boggling challenge in-between, the dream factory that is cinema sure doesn't exist without some mighty effort.

Naturally, each of these 15 movies had plenty more going on behind the scenes than audiences will ever be aware of, but these glimpses into their production nevertheless paints a stunning picture of the effort required to complete a film.

These are the 15 most stunning facts about 2018's biggest movies...


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