15 Upcoming Movie Rumours We Hope Aren't True

15. Steve Trevor Is Actually Alive - Wonder Woman 1984

Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 1984
Warner Bros.

The Rumour: Contrary to sensible expectations that Chris Pine is actually playing the grandson of the late Steve Trevor in this superhero sequel, he's actually just playing a (somehow) resurrected Trevor.

How Likely Is It?: Honestly, not very. Given how matter-of-fact the marketing is being about "Steve" coming back, it seems like they're very deliberately trying to misdirect fans away from the truth, that this is most likely Steve's grandson.

The prospect of him being somehow resurrected, be it via genetics, time travel or some other nonsense, isn't at all appealing, but the prospect of Diana getting to hang out with one of Steve's descendants could bring a lot of emotional resonance to the table.


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