15 Weird and Evil Clowns in Movies

9. Shorty the Clown - House of Fears (2007)

The night before a haunted house opens for Halloween, a group of friends breaks into the House of Fears for a little sneak preview. Unfortunately, the friends don't realize they're in a horror movie. They also don't realize there's some sort of ancient artifact in the house, and this is one of those artifacts that brings your deepest fears to life. I have one of these artifacts at home, but instead of facing the varied and exciting deaths these kids get to face, I am constantly discovering I have forgotten to study for a big exam. And of course, I'm naked. I need some new fears. I really liked this film. The acting was pretty good, the atmosphere was creepy, and the death scenes were great. The only complaint I have is the small part played by Shorty the Clown. Obviously one of these kids HAD to suffer from coulrophobia. I just wish more of them did. Believe me, this is one scary clown (Hey, maybe I should develop a fear of Shorty the Clown. That might be fun!). This one is definitely worth a look.

8. Shivers the Clown - Fear of Clowns (2004)

This movie wasn't bad, but I can't say much for the basic plot: A woman purges her fears by painting them, but soon finds out that her paintings are manifesting themselves as reality so she must face her fears to end the slaughter. Kinda' sounds like a hundred different movies or Twilight Zone episodes you've seen, eh? To me, that's just lazy screenwriting and a lack of imagination. Still, the actual execution (pun intended) of the script makes for a decent enough movie. I wasn't bored, but I prefer my scary clowns to look a little more inhuman.
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