15 Worst Characters In MCU Movies So Far

15. Happy Hogan

Happy hogan Jon Favreau
Marvel Studios

When you've got Robert Downey Jr in the lead of a franchise and he's given licence to basically make those movies his own vehicle, most of the characters brought in to "ground" him are going to struggle to live up to those expectations.

It's no accident that Pepper Potts and James Rhodes are both either painfully underused or woefully misused in the Iron Man movies, but it's Happy Hogan who suffers the most.

Clearly designed to be an affable, more human balance for Stark, he's relegated to being a comic relief and shorn of the only thing he really had going for him: his value as a bodyguard thanks to his background as a boxer. In this franchise he's a bumbling oaf, always one step away from failure, and while he's charming enough in small doses, he's too much of a Stark patsy to really redeem that.

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