15 Worst Comic Book Movie Villains Of All Time

World's worst bad guys.

Steppenwolf The Joker
Warner Bros.

If you talk to cynics of the comic book movie genre long enough, they will bring up the fact that way too many of them have a problem with villains. That, away from the handful of truly memorable examples - like two of the Jokers and Loki - there are precious few villains in the "genre" who are even particularly memorable.

That is a little extreme, but it is perhaps just a reflection of the fact that villains should be this genre's bread and butter. It's a world built solidly on the binary of good and evil, where supervillains are required to give validation to the heroes who sell covers.

So the fact that there are so many examples that are comically or offensively bad is amplified to even more disappointing levels. And it really doesn't help that when comic book movies get bad wrong, they REALLY go all out to get them wrong.

In short, there have been some seriously low points in the history of comic book movie villains...

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