15 Worst Comic Book Movie Villains Of All Time

15. Rhino - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Paul Giamatti Rhino

Played By: Paul Giamatti

Say what you want about Jamie Foxx's performance as Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but there was at least some depth to the characterisation and his monstrous turn did birth some cool sequences. Sadly, he wasn't the only villain in Marc Webb's unfortunate sequel, and the others were disastrous in comparison.

The new take on the Green Goblin as a disease-riddled outcast was bad enough, but Paul Giamatti's Russian caricature Rhino was a band apart. He was obviously aiming for the comedic approach of the character traditionally seen in the comics, but his over-the-top, demented moron overshot the mark by some distance.

For a character actor of his prowess, it was a particular low-point.

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