15 Worst Performances In 2016 Films (So Far)

15. Gerard Butler - London Has Fallen


The unwanted sequel to the equally awful Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen takes the same premise that the first film was built around and moves it across the Atlantic. Gerard Butler returns as Mike Banning, head of the Secret Service and personal bodyguard to the President (Aaron Eckhart), and this time POTUS finds his life under threat while attending the funeral of the British Prime Minister.

While Eckhart is wasted (and mis-cast) as the defenceless President Asher, the failings in his character are overshadowed by Butler's crass and at times cringe-worthy performance. His American accent is so over the top that the film seems to border on parody, and the fact that his character seems to be impervious to bullets only makes London Has Fallen all the more laughable.

Much like the first movie, Butler's performance was action-thriller by numbers and really doesn't deserve to be excused, though the one and only thing you can say in defence of the British actor is that the script he was working with was just as bad.

Packed full of tired action-thriller cliches made even more unbearable by a xenophobic lead character, this movie will hopefully be the end Mike Banning.


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