16 Biggest Oscar Upsets Of The 21st Century

The Oscars just wouldn't be the same without its traditional terrible decisions...

Mystic River
Warner Bros.

We're drawing close to the 89th Oscars Award Ceremony. It's almost a nonagenarian now and, like the grandparent nobody enjoys visiting, the Academy's attitude to change could generously be classified as reluctant. Not much has changed since the first appearance of the iconic statuette and this is evident in the baffling choices they make every year without fail.

Defined as much by outfits and gift bags that could pay off the mortgage on a central London flat as they are on the movies themselves, it's no surprise that genuine artistry is often overlooked.

There will always be subjectivity when it comes to the doling out of awards but sometimes there's no excuse for the movies, actors and technical achievements that remain languishing in the 'Nominee' column when they should be taking home a buff golden man for their efforts.

Even since the dawn of the 21st Century, 17 freaking years ago, it hasn’t shown any signs of improvement. Whether it’s as widely discussed as Leonardo DiCaprio's dramatic Oscar drought or buried in the Best Foreign Feature category like Guillermo Del Toro's loss for the universally acclaimed Pan's Labyrinth, the Academy Awards' penchant for disappointment is as much a staple as awkward drunk speeches.


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