18 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Marvel Movies

Who knew?!

Marvel Actors

Given how successful the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its other third-party rights-holding franchises have been over the past decade or so, there could come a time when every single actor working in Hollywood has been involved in one of their movies somehow. As somewhat stunning proof, you need only look to the cameo at the start of Thor: Ragnarok - which also serves as confirmation of how highly even the smallest roles in the MCU are considered.

It all stands to reason, of course - comic book movies are where the money is these days, and Marvel still leads the way in terms of multi-branched movie series. Even the worst examples of the MCU, Spider-Man sequels and X-Men movies tend to make enough money to make continued chapters inevitable. The longer that goes on, the more likely even more starry figures start turning up. Even in such seemingly unprecedented cameos as that Thor: Ragnarok one.

But what about the earlier days when actors dropped into minor roles in those movies before they were as famous as they are now - or those who consciously chose to hide their involvement entirely? You might just be amazed at the calibre and familiarity of some of the stars who've sneaked their way into Marvel's movie library over the year...

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