18 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Marvel Movies

1. Octavia Spencer - Spider-Man

Octavia Spencer Spider Man
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In the wake of exceptional performances in the likes of Fruitvale Station, The Help and Hidden Figures, Octavia Spencer might reasonably be called one of the most talented actors currently working in Hollywood. But it wasn't all Oscar nominations and hearty slaps on the back.

Back in 2002, just as she was making the transition from TV to movies (with the likes of Big Momma's House, rather sadly), Spencer appeared as the check-in girl at the wrestling event that sees Spider-Man debut in a match against Macho Man Randy Savage's Bone Saw. She actually attempts to shoo Peter Parker away based on her first impression of the scrawny kid before her.

Watching it back now, it's odd to think she's even the same actress.

Which other obscure early appearances and hidden cameos did you spot in Marvel movies? Share your favourites below in the comments thread.

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