18 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Marvel Movies

18. Gary Sinise - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America The Winter Soldier Exhibit
Marvel Studios

You didn't actually see Gary Sinise in an MCU movie, as great as that would have been, but if you're good at recognising voices, there's a good chance you will have heard him.

His role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the voice of the Captain America and the Howling Commandos exhibit that Bucky Barnes visits at the end of the movie is further indication of the quality Marvel can count on for even tiny roles.

Having picked up an Oscar nomination (for Forrest Gump), an Emmy (for his performance as Harry S Truman for HBO) and a Golden Globe (for his portrayal of George Wallace) to have him play a museum voice-over is quite the catch. And the fact that he didn't appear in person leaves another appearance in the MCU possible, which is always a bonus.

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