18 Most Insane Film Stunts Ever Performed

14. Skyfall - Train Fight

skyfall train 2

The next entry in our selection of Bond movies, this time from the most recent Skyfall. While this movie was jam-packed with amazing stunts, this one takes the cake.

Bond and Eve are pursuing a man who's stolen a flash drive that contains the names of all MI-6 agents who're undercover, and while chasing him he jumps from a bridge onto a train. Naturally, Bond follows.

The entire scene was done with no green screen or sets. They had the two actors on a moving train while performing their fight, ducking when it passes through a tunnel, everything (although when they're actively fighting in the tunnel, that part's faked). Also, the scene where the backhoe is ripping off the back of the train? They did that too. Stuntmen were used sparingly, and the only safety precautions were a thin lifeline attached to their ankles.


Finally, the scene when Eve accidentally shoots Bond and he falls off the cliff? They got a stuntman to fall backwards 300 feet down into the water.

13. Chasing Mavericks - Surfing


Okay, while surfing isn't the most dangerous thing to do, it can be when you're just learning. It can also be dangerous when the character you're playing is going after one of the biggest waves in history. So, if you're filming that for a movie, you get a professional surfer to film the shot, right?

Wrong. You get Gerard Butler, who has borderline zero experience to do it.

He was surfing alongside a pro, but when they got hit, it took them both out and dragged them under the water. Being as far from the shore as they were, it took a little while before someone spotted them and was able to rescue them.


They both survived, but had to spend some time in a hospital recovering. The pro described it as one of the five worst wipeouts he'd ever had, while Butler said it was the closest he's ever come to dying.

But they did both live. So we can laugh at them.

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