19 Coolest Gadgets Every Star Wars Fan Should Own

Come to the dark side and hand over your credit card immediately.


The world prepares for an awakening. Everyone has felt it, especially the licensing department at Disney. A new Star Wars film is just over the horizon and this can only mean one thing - there's money to be made.

Some truly remarkable galactic gifts await online, on the shelves and in workshops. Not every one of them is official, but they each have one thing in common - once you've seen it, you'll want it.

A wise old man with a beard (George Lucas, I think) once said that nobody can be a true fan if their house contains no Star Wars stuff. Even if it gets tidied away when the in-laws visit what matters is that it's there in spirit, like memories of the original versions of Episode IV, V and VI.

So, if you're feeling inspired to kit out your man cave with Star Wars paraphernalia, here is where the journey begins. From bargains to bloody expensive, here are twenty of the coolest gadgets every Star Wars fan should own.

19. BB-8 Droid


Starting with the new droid on the block, Episode VII's BB-8 is pure robot eye candy.

Sphero has completely changed the remote-controlled toy market with this very cool remote-controlled droid which is handled by using a smartphone, tablet or voice. Every kid and grownup surely has one of those by now, right?

And this bad boy even responds to voice commands. "Fetch beer. Now".

Makers reckon this cute controllable droid has a mind of his own, so when he does ignore you it'll be just like having a dog but without the mess.

A bargain at £150, judging by the product video BB-8 looks set to be the hottest gadget in the world by December 18th and remember, a BB-8 is not just for Christmas.

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