20 Best Female Characters In Comic Book Movies - Ranked

A dazzling array of superheroines, villainesses and personalities, ranked. Not like that, pervert.

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Truly, we are living in the age of the superhero. In 2016 alone, we witnessed as Batman came to blows with Superman on the big screen, while Captain America and Iron Man brought their whole world into disarray with a deep schism that turned hero against hero. Most recently, we've had Doctor Stephen Strange bending genres in 3D, and the Justice League assembling for a 2017 release. It's a good time to be a comic book fan.

And yet, we ask, where are the women at? With even relative second-stringers like Ant Man, Doctor Strange and Green Lantern getting their shot at the big time (with varying degrees of success), how about a little recognition of the female element? One of the few characters in Batman v Superman that wasn't a soul-sucking misery (for all of her fifteen minutes or so of screen time), that Wonder Woman movie can't come fast enough.

And so, join us as we take a look at 20 female characters who have provided a welcome relief to all of the rampant testosterone over the years. Some superheroes, a few villainesses, love interests and assorted personalities, from movies both good and bad. Fair warning though: no version of Halle Berry is on this list.


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