20 Best Movies Of 2018 (So Far)

The MCU, high-brow horror and indie dramas dominate.

Black Panther Poster
Marvel Studios

Believe it or not, 2018 is already half-way over, and though the year has seen audiences suffering through their fair share of awful movies, the year has also served up a ton of great films for tastes of all kinds.

Whether you've been craving a unique, epic superhero movie or two, some smart studio comedies, a couple of white-knuckle thrillers, evocative animation or horror that'll actually stick with you, the last six months have certainly had you covered.

Tentpole movies and art-house offerings alike delivered in spades, and a few releases from Netflix's dubious Originals line-up even made this top 20. Imagine that.

Naturally this list will look plenty different in another six months, what with blockbuster season currently in full-swing and the awards circus not due to begin until September.

However, short of a major surge in quality movies in what remains of 2018, a good number of these films should remain best-in-class entries into their respective genres. Wait and see...


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