20 Best Movies Of 2018 (So Far)

20. Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Sword

Though the Merc with a Mouth's ribald, envelope-pushing sense of humour might not feel quite so fresh the second time around, Deadpool 2 is nevertheless a worthy superhero sequel that actually improves upon its predecessor in a number of ways.

With an effortlessly superior "villain" and compelling roster of supporting characters alongside more elaborate (and ludicrous) action sequences, this delivers pretty much everything you could reasonably hope for from a follow-up.

There are minor gripes - female characters could be treated with more import, to be honest - but if you're craving meta humour, OTT set-pieces and a motormouth Ryan Reynolds, this is just the ticket.

Plus, that legendary mid-credits sequence might be the best thing Ryan Reynolds has ever done.


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