20 Best Movies Of 2018

2. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse

What a joy it is that a Spider-Man movie isn't just a great superhero film, but it's genuinely one of the best of the year. Period.

Into the Spider-Verse is an endlessly creative, visually jaw-dropping and ground-breaking comic book film which makes all the previous Spider-Man flicks seem positively quaint by comparison.

Gloriously meta yet never taking things too far, the madcap animation is made with a clear love for the web-slinger by way of its eye-popping direction, wonderfully knowing script and slew of fantastic vocal performances. Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man Noir truly was a masterstroke of casting.

Even if you're fully in the throes of superhero fatigue, this spritely burst of smart, high-concept thrills just might be the tonic you're craving. And better still, it's a cape movie that actually fully justifies a sequel.


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