20 Best Performances In Superhero Movies


The Joker Thanos Superman
Warner Bros.

Though superhero movies will probably always struggle to be taken seriously as art, the last decade in particular has seen comic book films make a more convincing argument for their potential to be as thoughtful, meticulously crafted and, yes, well-acted as any feted awards winner.

Superhero films aren't often given effusive praise for their performances, in fairness, because in even excellent comic book films the A-listers can end up taking a backseat to the breathtaking visual effects and the demands of a cinematic universe.

In the case of these 20 actors, though, they delivered remarkable, memorable and downright iconic performances sure to live on for years and maybe even decades (if they haven't already).

From stunning reinterpretations of fan-favourite superheroes and supervillains to more niche - yet no less brilliant - supporting sidekicks, these are the superhero movie performances that have and will stand the test of time.

Overcoming insane visual effects and all the typical comic book bombast, these actors proved the unexpected depth, delicious freedom and sheer bada**ery such a role can present to an actor...

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