20 Best & Worst Movies From 2017 Oscar Nominees

No amount of La La Land love can ever wipe out Movie 43...

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This weekend, the world of film will come to temporarily stand-still waiting for the same committee of old white men who make massive errors every year to once more announce which movies deserve to be considered the best of the year. To pay them their dues (as if they need it), this year has seen a more conscious acceptance that Hollywood is a spectrum of colours, and it's good to see the benchmark of cinematic quality is being judged more evenly.

And even if it wasn't, the Oscars would still be one of the most watched events on Hollywood's calendar. There's just something about the grandeur and the pride we steal in watching our favourites pick up awards and melt in emotional thank yous and posh couture. Plus there's nothing like the venom inspired when the Academy gets something "wrong".

When the credits rolls and the awards are all handed out, we'll have another batch of geniuses to herald (and who will be hoping to avoid the dreaded Oscar curse), and new films to appreciate in the exalted company of victors. Just imagine the expectations we can then lavish on everyone involved... You can almost taste the insane hype for what they do next already.

And though they might be being celebrated for their successes, but it's always nice to pelt talent on pedestals with their lowest points as well...

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