20 Biggest Movies Of 2016: What Do We Already Know?

2015 is set to be an awesome year, but 2016 looks like no slouch either...

Suicide Squad It is one hell of a time to be a film fan. While it's easy to decry the lack of creativity in Hollywood these days, it's also tough not to be excited by some of the sequels and adaptations on the way. 2015 may very well rule the roost in that regard, but 2016 doesn't look to be lagging much behind at all, with numerous comic book movies, video game adaptations, animated films, and, believe it or not, even an original creation or two. Though there's a metric shedload of cool-looking movies due for release next year, these 20 are the ones sure to both stoke the fanboy flames and capture the imaginations of more casual audiences. Whether daring superhero team-ups or nostalgic adaptations of classic books, and whether $200 million tentpole blockbusters or more modest art-house flicks, there's going to be something for everyone in 2016. So, if this year ends up with a ton of massively anticipated movies disappointing, fear not. If Star Wars Episode VII is just OK, or Avengers: Age of Ultron falls short of the hype, there's going to be plenty of enticing alternatives ready for audiences to gobble up next year. Here's everything you need to know about 2016's biggest movies so far...

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