20 Essential Movie Moments That Will Define 2017

Superman returns.

Batman V Superman Henry Cavill
Warner Bros.

Film fans have a lot to be excited about in 2017: the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks to further its reach by releasing three movies in one year for the first time, the DC Extended Universe hopes to course-correct itself following a shaky start, and a bunch of classic series are getting belated sequels and reboots.

There's something on offer for everyone, but it goes without saying that most of the year's biggest and most memorable, medium-defining moments will occur in the blockbuster arena: those crowd-pleasing, terrifying, hilarious, jaw-dropping and even emotionally devastating scenes you won't soon forget.

For what they say about Hollywood today and what they will set up for years to come, these are the 20 scenes that will define 2017 at the movies.


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