20 Essential Movie Performances That Will Define 2017

Farewell, Princess Leia.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Princess Leia

2017 has already served up a number of stunningly memorable performances that audiences can't stop talking about: James McAvoy blew everyone away in Split, Keanu Reeves re-affirmed his awesomeness in John Wick: Chapter Two, Daniel Kaluuya was one Hell of a sympathetic protagonist in Get Out, and Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen and Patrick Stewart were all phenomenally good in Logan.

The year is only about one-third done, though, and with summer movie season yet to kick into full swing, not to mention the annual awards push later in the year, the lion's share of memorable performances, be they Oscar-worthy, crowd-pleasing or just so weird you can't forget them, are still to come.

From iconic superheroes finally done justice (hopefully), to a legendary stage actor playing an actual piece of poop (really), actors reprising their beloved roles from decades past and one incredibly bittersweet farewell to a movie icon, these are the 20 essential performances that will without question define 2017.


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