20 Greatest Nude Scenes Of 2012

Ted Garfield We've said it before and we'll say it again: sex sells. In the illustrious history of this very site, two of the most popular articles ever published were our 10 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed and the 10 Most Controversial Sex Scenes Of All Time, so it's pretty clear that you lot enjoy a tastefully done nude just as much as we do. This year, like all others, was a big year for nudity - with more film-makers pushing the boundaries of what can be considered decent, and more nudity sneaking into films we'd consider mainstream, the industry is booming, and with the 2012 successes of Magic Mike, and the mega-selling Fifty Shades book series titillating millions of women the trend shows no sign of easing. And because of this apparent increase in demand, the quality of this year's nude scenes took a considerable jump, both on the big screen and on TV. We saw some notable nude debuts from established actors, as well as some brand new faces (and bodies), and because they're willing to put it all out there, it seems rude not to collect together the very best in one place. So, in no particular order - because frankly it's been remarkably difficult to think about numbers properly in the last hour or so - here follows the greatest moments of nudity from all of 2012, from TV and Film. Click within to reveal all...
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