20 Greatest Nude Scenes Of 2012

17. Ali Cobrin - American Reunion

Ali Cobrin Topless Before the start of this year, Ali Cobrin wasn't exactly a major name in Hollywood, having built something of a reputation in TV show Look, and appearing in several films like The Hole, but then she answered a casting call for the latest American Pie film and took her clothes off for a memorable and remarkably alluring drunken scene opposite the luckiest man in teenage sex comedy history Jason Biggs. Throwing herself at the bumbling oaf, Cobrin revealed her ridiculously good figure before passing out and having to be taken to bed by former babysitter Jim, who got to carry her almost naked form for a fairly long sequence. And people say acting is a difficult job.

18. Sophie Rundle - Episodes

Sophie Rundle Topless If stalkers all looked like Sophie Rundle, or were even just as busty as the English actress, who played the unfortunately named Labia in Matt LeBlanc's Golden Globe winning sitcom. She might not have quite the same profile as some of the other names on the list, but she clearly has the talent, and a figure to die for.
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