20 Greatest Nude Scenes Of 2012

1. Juno Temple - Killer Joe

Juno Temple Naked

She may have been given very little of note to actually do in The Dark Knight Rises, but the beautiful English actress who made her first biggest appearances in Notes On A Scandal and Atonement has shown gameness to take her clothes off to draw more attention in other roles. Starting with the deliriously odd Kaboom! she has so far bared all in four films, and made a big impact this year in the excellent Killer Joe by disrobing again. And her nude scene wasn't completely over-shadowed by that chicken leg scene (more of which later), and that is pretty impressive work.

2. Helen Hunt - The Sessions

Helen Hunt Naked She's not really known for her tendency to artistically derobe, but she has shot notable nude scenes for at least five movies, since she first took her clothes off for The Waterdance back in 1992. Some twenty years later, she showed exactly why she's confident to still do nudity at the age of 49. Hunt stripped off for this widely popular and critically acclaimed tale of therapeutic sex, going full frontal in the process and showed Elizabeth Berkley that it definitely is possible to pick up awards nominations despite wearing no clothes.
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