20 Greatest Nude Scenes Of 2012

3. Jason Biggs - American Reunion

Jason Biggs Penis Pan Who said this list was going to be all about incredibly attractive nubile ladies? One of the single most affecting nde scenes of the year fell to American Pie veteran and pie worrier Jason Biggs, who made sure the tone of the fourth film in the main American Pie series (we ignore the God-awful spin-offs) was set firmly as low as the originals. And when you think about it, thanks to the curious biology of the male form, there is very little as funny as a penis smushed up against some glass.

4. Sarah Power - Californication

Sarah Power Topless And speaking of poor American Pie spin-offs, this one-time star of the terrible American Pie Presents Beta House walked away with one of the busts of the year awards (which I definitely didn't just make up), after debuting her almighty breasts this year in the excellent Californication. She might have committed some serious crimes in the name of film in her career to date (she was in Saw V and Repo! A Genetic Opera as well as Beta House before taking more TV work), but this small-screen revelation more than makes up for those poor decisions. And if this doesn't open some more doors for her, then Hollywood doesn't work like it should.
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