20 Greatest Nude Scenes Of 2012

9. Sandra Bullock (Sort Of) - Chelsea Lately

Sandra Bullock Topless Not strictly a nude scene, since Bullock's modesty was just about protected by some dastardly pixels, but she still makes the list for her willigness to take her clothes off for a skit on US chat show Chelsea Lately in which she berated host Chelsea Handler for her conduct as a host, including sleeping his guests. The entire bit featured the pair naked in a communal shower, and led to Bullock hitting Lately in the face, who then urinated in the shower - not exactly typical chat show behaviour, and if Piers Morgan ever tried to pull it, we'd be far from pleased. The highlight, other than seeing Bullock effectively naked was her rant, which should do go in TV history as one of the finest ever aired:
"You have a responsibility to be a respectable talk show host. This comes directly from Oprah's mouth to my ear, to my mouth, out of my mouth, into your ear, down your body, out your vagina, up my vagina and out my a**."

10. Marion Cotillard - Rust And Bone

Marion Cotillard Naked The idea of a love story set against the odd backdrop of a killer whale attack on its trainer might have sounded a little odd to start with, but the Cannes favourite was an excellent show-case of Cotillard's skills, as well as her body as she bravely disrobed to show a sex scene with excellent co-star Matthias Schoenaerts. It was even more notable thanks to her character having lost her legs in said killer whale attack, and Cotillard was the perfect choice to show how the character refound herself and her confidence despite her disfigurement, and the realisation that beauty comes in many forms. That's what having someone as beautiful and alluring as Cotillard can do for your film.
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