20 Greatest Sex Scenes Of 2012

2012 was an entertaining year for movie-goers, with such blockbusters as The Avengers, The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises…

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2012 was an entertaining year for movie-goers, with such blockbusters as The Avengers, The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises enticing the public to pay to view them. The audience enjoys these visual feasts for numerous reasons, such as the thorough and well-formulated plot, the depth of characters and their relationships, or the mind-boggling visual effects with the continued necessity of 3D. However, this article concentrates on the films that provided the viewers with the best examples of raw sensual thrill. Whether a progressively built romance culminating in the physical embodiment of love, the visceral thrill of a lust-fuelled affair, or a humourous fumble under the covers, sex scenes are now a vital staple in the most watchable films in history.

So, which example of Hollywood love-making titillated the senses the most in the past year? Whilst it was would be possible to rank the scenes in my own personal preference, it is doubtless you will probably find your own favourite and spend a few minutes “admiring” it. The slides will display some of the most famous actors, and some that border on the obscure. However, all these persons share the unique quality of exciting the eyes with their sexual exploits on the silver screen, and for that we must thank them wholeheartedly.

(Before I continue with the narrative, can I just mention that one gets a strange amount of pride and smugness typing into search engines “sex scenes 2012” and being able to justify it because it is the prime topic of your latest article.)

20. Daniel Craig and Benerice Marlohe – Skyfall

skyfall sex scene

Our first scene fittingly comes from the James Bond series, a character famed for his escapades with his female accomplices and counterparts. The chiseled looks of Daniel Craig have become clearly featured within his tenure as the secret agent, and Benerice Marlohe was more than capable in joining the golden list of Bond Girls. The scene between Bond and Severine was steamy, quite literally as it took place in the shower, with her fear of the diabolical Silva flings her into the arms of Bond for a feeling of security and protection. Until, as is usual, she is assassinated two-thirds into the film. Well, if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it.