20 Greatest Sex Scenes Of 2012

17. Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Katrina Bowden - Piranha 3DD

katrina bowden pirnha This sex scene is more memorable for the mental scarring that anybody who saw it received, and the half of the audience that have dangly reproductive organs wince with sheer terror. My advice for anybody watching the clip is that no matter how bad your sexual escapades may have been, it could never be as bad as this. If you are going to watch this clip, my advice is to use your selected box of tissues to cover your eyes. http://youtu.be/qXTz7D7KMEc

16. Jason Biggs and Alyson Hannigan - American Reunion


American Reunion was long-awaited by the numerous fans of the previous films (the three first ones rather than the parade of mediocre spin-offs that followed), and a chance to reintroduce the series to a new generation of movie-goers. The American Reunion film featured a number of sex scenes between the beloved characters, but the most prominent was between Jim and Michelle, the series' long withstanding couple, when their animalistic cravings that we have become accustomed to exploding at their highschool reunion. The realistic nature of two parents desiring the thrill of romance was pretty evidential in this scene, and adds some much needed humour into this list of tension and sensuality.
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