20 Harry Potter Actors Who Are No Longer With Us


Dumbledore Death
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Like it or not, the Harry Potter franchise is now almost the same age Harry was when he left Hogwarts to fight the battle of his life with Dumbledore. Very nearly 16 years have passed since Chris Columbus' delightful adaptation of JK Rowling's first Wizarding World novel hit screens in the UK.

A lot of things have changed since then, both in the Wizarding World - which has now been extended by another play and the Fantastic Beasts franchise - and in the real world. The central cast of Ron, Harry and Hermione have grown-up, moving away from the series to carve acting careers elsewhere (with two of them getting very close to the A-list), and sadly, a significant number of their supporting players have been lost along the way.

It's been only 6 years since the final film was released, but even since then we've seen key figures and supporting actors pass away. And while they may no longer be with us, thanks to the eternal power of the Harry Potter franchise, they will live on, in moving portraits every fan can visit whenever their hearts desire. That seems rather fitting given the world they're captured forever in...

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