20 Hidden Comedy Gems To Watch On Netflix

1. Spaceballs

With Star Wars buzz set to reach fever pitch over the coming months as fans count down the arrival of The Force Awakens, it's as good a time as any to revisit Mel Brooks's science fiction parody Spaceballs and have a few laughs at the expense of George Lucas's space opera. Spoofing everything about Star Wars which can be spoofed and a range of other sci-fi classics for good measure, Spaceballs hits far more than it misses with its constant barrage of visual gags, terrible puns and childish pratfalls. Stormtroopers literally comb the area with a giant comb while diminutive Rick Moranis scowls from behind his oversized Darth Vader-like mask. Spaceballs might not be as sophisticated as Brooks's Young Frankenstein, but sometimes being childish and puerile can be far more entertaining. If you're a sci-fi movie fan then Spaceballs deserves a place on your Netflix To Watch list. What other great comedy gems would you recommend on Netflix? Why not tell us about them in the comments?
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