20 Hidden Sci-Fi Movie Gems To Watch On Netflix

20. Timer

Romantic comedies are always looking for a new spin on things. That€™s how you get the crime thriller/rom-com in the form of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler€™s awful The Bounty Hunter, or the Christmas film/rom-com Love Actually, or Shaun Of The Dead, which upon release was marketed as the world€™s first rom-zom-com. Timer (or TiMER as it€™s styled) is a science fiction romantic comedy, with a premise that€™s actually pretty engaging. In the not-so-distant future, a company has put together a gizmo which will count down until the exact date, to within the second, you will meet your one true love. The question is...do you actually want to know that? Emma Caulfield, best known as Anya from Buffy, stars as Oona, an orthodontist who pays a monthly subscription for her blank timer - which signifies that her soul mate isn€™t equipped with one. So there€™s a sci-fi premise with a dollop of contemporary commentary on foregoing tech and seeking out love the old-fashioned way. Also: jokes!

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