20 Insanely Awesome 2017 Movie One Liners

1. "So, This Is What It Feels Like" - Logan

Logan Death Hugh Jackman

Logan concludes with Wolverine's death, having successfully fended off Xander Rice's assault, but succumbing to brutal wounds administered by his own clone, X-24.

As Laura comforts Logan in his final moments, he tells her, "So, this is what it feels like", referring presumably to both his imminent death and him being cared for by a daughter-like figure.

It's a terrifically rousing scene thanks to fantastic performances from Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen, and brings Jackman's tenure as the character to a suitably emotional, dignified end.

Good luck topping that exit, whoever inevitably takes over the role in the future.

What are your favourite one-liners from 2017's movies? Shout them out in the comments!

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