20 Most Anticipated 2017 Movies

We say it every time, but is this the biggest year for cinema yet?

Pixar/Marvel/Warner Bros. Pictures

There may still be four months of 2016 left, but in terms of massive, highly anticipated tentpoles there's just a handful more to come. It's awards season, so we're not lacking in quality films (I broke down the pick of litter last week), but, when it comes to the mega-hyped blockbusters, most are arriving after the new year.

Now it's a bit of a cliché to state that the next year of cinema looks to be oh-so-much-better than the one we're currently in, but this time it feels apt; 2017 does seriously look amazing. Sure, there's a lot of dreck set to be unleashed - new Transformers, new Fifty Shades, new Pirates Of The Caribbean - but that's true of every year. When you take in the big releases - major studio films, return from great directors and some long-in-the-pipeline passion projects - then it paints a much prettier picture.

There's Jedi, apes, caped crusaders, blocky caped crusaders and a lot, lot more besides. Sifting through the plethora of confirmed release, here's the twenty 2017 films we're most excited for.


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