20 Most Anticipated Upcoming Horror Movies

2017 is already regarded a vintage year for the genre; will 2018 follow suit?

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The horror genre has rarely looked healthier than it does right now in the early days of 2018, from both a commercial and critical standpoint.

2017 saw the R-rated Stephen King adaptation It just barely miss out on being one of the top ten box office hits of the year, with takings of almost $700 million worldwide. Meanwhile, the success of Annabelle: Creation (global box office $306.5 million) pushed the overall takings of The Conjuring series over $1 billion; a rare milestone for a horror franchise.

On top of commanding audience attention, recent horror films have also been getting a fair bit more respect from critics. It scored 85% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, whilst Get Out proved one of the best reviewed films of the year, scoring 99% fresh, as well as garnering a few Golden Globe nominations - and Oscar nominations seem feasible.

2018 is already off to a reasonable start for horror, with Insidious: The Last Key doing fair business at the box office, though not necessarily going down a storm with critics. Still, critical approval tends to be a very minor concern for horror fans, so long as the films hit that right nerve.

Here's how the year ahead is looking horror-wise, at least as far as theatrically released films go. Some are big-budget films with well-established actors and directors, others much cheaper productions from comparative unknowns; but all should at least warrant curiosity from devotees of the genre.

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