Horror films. What are horror films but a huge big sack of controversy? Each of them trying to outdo each other in the controversial stakes. Of course some play it tame because they don’t want any bother from the censors but they are not very memorable for it because they don’t have a quirk or kink that sets them apart in the audience’s mind.

This list tries to put together the biggest shocks and sleaziest twists in Horror cinema to give you – the viewer what you want – a hotbed of controversy. Controversy is a very idiosyncratic thing. What affects me may not affect you. But I hope that I have provided a depth of violence, sleaze and depravity to appeal to everyone.

Sit back and enjoy The 20 Most Controversial Horror Movie Scenes of all Time! (please note, readers may find some of the images and topics in this post disturbing).

20. A Ma Soeur! – Shock Ending (2001)

a mour de sella

For the most part of the picture, A ma soeur! is a drama about the erotic awakening of two teenage sisters on holiday – one is attractive – Elena. Anais is less attractive. Both sisters are obsessed with losing their virginity. Elena gets her cherry popped by a young lad while Anais cries jealous tears in the bed beside them. Their mother finds out about Elena’s sexual shenanigans, chucks a mental and drives the two girls home.

Here comes the shock, controversial horror end. Whilst at a service station, an axe wielding monster chops up Elena and strangles her mother. He chases Anais into the woods and rapes her, but spares her life. When the police arrive, Anais says she wasn’t raped. She is that happy to have lost her virginity. She’s probably even glad her mother and sister got the murder treatment. Sick freak.

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This article was first posted on February 12, 2013