20 Most Controversial Scenes In Cinema History

req Gauging what the most controversial scenes in Cinema History are, is quite a personal thing for the writer - what I find controversial, you may find a joke. Similarly what pushes your buttons may have no effect on me whatsoever. I have tried in this list to represent a broad spectrum of films from over the years and from different countries. Different types of films. Those of you who know my writing know that I could easily pick 20 scenes from sick weirdo movies, and indeed I have written about controversial scenes in off beat films. This list is meant to represent the whole of cinema, not just the niches that I occupy. I have talked about Antichrist about 3 times now so I did not put it in for fear of boring the reader. There will be fierce debate about these entries and I may have missed some obvious ones. But there is so much controversy in cinema it is hard to choose! Sit back and enjoy the 20 most controversial scenes in cinema history and please add your comments below.

20. Mouchette (1967)

mouchette Mouchette is a young girl entering into adolescence. Her mother is dying and her alcoholic father could't give two figs about her. Bullied and shunned by her class mates and teachers, her life is one of misery, loneliness and heartache. As if that wasn't depressing enough, director Robert 'Gloom Maestro' Bresson adds rape onto her troubles. When her mother finally dies, Mouchette decides that there is nothing to live for and drowns herself in a lake. This is the controversial scene. It is beautifully filmed by Bresson and the suicide of Mouchette appears to be an act of spiritual redemption rather than a tragedy. She is released from her torments and we are happy for her. Bresson turns the usual sad act of suicide into an act of beauty
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