20 Most Exciting Movies Announced In 2016

Fast & Furious X...in space?

Warner Bros.

2016 may have been a bizarre year both in terms of movies and in general, but at least there was a ton of potentially awesome movies announced, due for release (hopefully) over the next few years.

These are the recently-announced movies to keep your eyes open for, from anticipated blockbuster sequels to tantalising original projects and everything else in-between.

Of course, not all of these movies will be the critical and commercial successes fans want them to be, but at least there's potential there, and potential gives way to some of the much-needed hope we could all do with a little of after a troubling 2016 for many, many reasons.

If you're not excited about at least a few of these upcoming flicks, you might want to check your pulse. Here are the 20 most exciting movies announced in 2016...

20. The Batman

Warner Bros.

Release Date: TBA

Rumours raged last year that Warner Bros. were preparing a solo Ben Affleck-starring Batman movie for 2018, and though the release date remains up in the air (with the latest rumours suggesting it might take Justice League 2's planned June 14, 2019 release date), the film's existence was 100% confirmed around the time of Batman v Superman's release.

Affleck has since also confirmed that the film will be called The Batman and feature Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke as its villain, while Affleck will also direct and co-write the film alongside the DCEU's recently-appointed overseer Geoff Johns.

It wasn't the most shocking announcement in the world, but knowing that Affleck's going to have control of his own Batman movie in the near-future is extremely promising.


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