20 Movies Since 2010 So Awful They're Actually Harrowing

Yes, there are films more depressing than Requiem for a Dream.

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The 2010s, so far, is proving to be a rocky decade for cinema. With so many high-profile stinkers every year predicting which films are going to get nominated for Razzies is becoming increasingly difficult.

With bland genre fare, boring Oscar-bait, and dumb creative decisions dropping left, right and center every month, it's far to say that Hollywood is going through something of a creative drought - and the low cinema attendance during the summer season this year shows audiences are probably catching on. Nevertheless, there are plenty of gems and many films are simply average instead of bad.

However, there are certain movies which are so unbearably, hideously dreadful they are excruciating to watch and make a Saw torture machine look painless in comparison. This decade has offered up a fair few of these, allowing audiences to witness how low art can sink. These are some of the most mind-blowing, gut-wrenching cinematic horrors to be released since 2010.

20. Pixels

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What would a list of terrible movies be without something from Adam Sandler? His current string of turkeys shows no sign of ending and this will probably go down as his most bizarre.

Pixels came in backed up with a decent cast, the very funny joke of Kevin James (infuriating as he is) being President, a director who defined many childhoods with Home Alone and Harry Potter, and a story of aliens invading the earth in the style of famous arcade games. This one had the potential to be a fun sci-fi adventure, but with tragic inevitability Sandler and co. messed everything up.

With a lack of respect for the arcade games it focuses on, Peter Dinklage, good taste, and its audience, it's near impossible to isolate Pixels' biggest flaw.

Everyone involved goes through the motions, while the spectacle that looked fun in the trailers never amounts to anything. It's not Adam Sandler's worst movie of recent times at all, but then it'd be very hard to sink lower than some of his recent efforts.

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