20 Worst Movie Posters Of 2018

18. Ready Player One

Ready Player One Poster
Warner Bros.

At first glance, this seems like a pretty neat, visually enticing poster for Steven Spielberg's latest hit blockbuster, right?

But once you notice the peculiar proportions of Tye Sheridan's legs, it all goes to hell.

Clearly Sheridan's right leg has been stretched for some aesthetic purpose, and once you notice it, the result is both intensely distracting and even a little disturbing. There's no unseeing it.

Twitter had a ton of fun ripping this one to shreds, even while some tried to defend the proportionality as within the realm of normalcy.

Either way, the discussion about Sheridan's legs did exactly what any good movie poster doesn't do: steer the conversation away from the film itself.

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