20 Worst Movies Of 2017

20. The Layover

Alexandra Daddario Kate Upton The Layover
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Lucrative films like The Hangover, Bridesmaids and Ted proved that R-Rated comedies can be financially viable as well as delighting critics to the tune of hundreds of millions at the box office, but it's not always as successful.

Even with the genuinely funny William H Macy in the director's chair, The Layover is about as close to an unwatchable, trashy mess as you're likely to see. It puts Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton in the distasteful scenario of fighting over their ideal man who ends up sitting between them on a plane trip designed to get them away from the stress of their everyday lives.

It's a film inspired partly by The Bachelor and partly by teen sex comedies like American Pie, only without half the brains of either, and it's stunning how quickly two intelligent, independent women turn into slobbering idiots when confronted with the sight of a reasonably attractive man. Pretty sure there's a morality lesson in there somewhere, but you might struggle to find it.

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